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Wooden Play structure

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Wooden Play structure



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Young is a line with a high modularity to meet the needs of all kinds of playgrounds, from schools to big theme parks. The line uses an Abilam structure: bi-lamellar wood elements of 90x90 mm thickness combined in contrasting sections to ensure exceptional strength and durability.The construction concept of these products is based on a high modularity with the ability to create many compositions for playgrounds of all sizes. All wooden elements are raised above the ground and connected to the ground by steel brackets. The colour of towers and castles has been studied to adapt perfectly in natural areas.

VELIERO is a large plant featuring a sailing ship. The game includes a variety of games on different levels of aggregation. Size: 950 x 1754 H max 760 cm. Recommended area: 1336 x 1725 cm. Recommended age: 3 - 14 years.

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1 climbing wall with grips facilitated climber; 4 large networks up to large mesh; curve on a ramp and rope ladders H 150 cm, a double bar slide Tubular stainless steel H 150 cm, a magic mirror distorting double face (Width / stretching); a figurative panel, 1 up-down tubular network, with elements of input and output polyethylene h 210 cm, 1 slide tunnel with a trend spiral down from the stern of the ship h 210 cm, 1 slide in stainless steel laminated wood with sides h 150 cm, a ladder pole h 150 cm, a net climb angle h 150 cm, 4 curved laminated wood decks, 2 located in the bow and 2 stern related plans raised seats to 150 and 210 cm above ground, crossing a bridge with ropes and Canapone Central h 150 cm, length 290 cm; parapet panels with porthole closing with transparent polycarbonate anti-breakage, helm swivel polyethylene, located on the turret; polyethylene socket tower located on the stern, two masts glulam section 12 x 24 cm with colored flags, total height 760 cm and sails with simulated wood beams, with ropes colored flags; beam bow bollard security anti-riding, shark and decorative compass rose made of polyethylene 20 mm fixed on the bow and the stern of the ship, access and interior spaces suitable for use by disabled users. Floors, raised floors, walkways are made of various boards 35 mm thick and sturdy support beams have a thickness of 115 mm. The wooden pillars have a section Superwood double plus 9 x 18 cm. Railings and balustrades and collisions have a thickness of 16 mm and are made of laminated panels in three layers with thickness 70 mm snap frame. The networks are realized with the climbing rope synthetic mesh colored with metallic high strength. Chutes, ramps and exit areas are fitted with anti-fall barrier. The elements of curved bridges and balustrades are made of laminated wood arches section 90 x 90 mm. The vertical axes of the balustrades are made of wood section 20 x 140 mm. All the bolts through the wood and is encased with a protective cap made of polyethylene. The color of the games has been specially designed to be inserted correctly into the nature of public parks and schools.

Young Collection by Legnolandia
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