LEONI Channel with grating covers PC023

Channels system with grating covers

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Bogolese di Sorbolo, Italy
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Channel with grating covers PC023


Channels system with grating covers

They represent an excellent solution where a channel with a high drainage capacity is called for together with the functionality of a grating cover enabling them to be inspected throughout. Combined with 300x300mm collection gullies, the same as the PC.001 slot channel systems, they are easily washed and inspected and the aspects of hygiene and cleanliness are provided for in compliance with Community regulations. Protection from sewerage discharge is ensured by an anti-smell siphon and by a removable filter basket. Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316 on request) parameters such as length, height, position of the discharges, can be varied depending on individual requirements. In the event that the supply is for large quantities the various modules can be supplied in lengths of 5,00 m. For small supplies, to optimise the transport operations, the various pieces can be assembled into maximum lengths of 4.00 m. The assembly of the various gullies and the channels is provided for by means of flanges with silicon seals that are secured with bolts to ensure that they remain water-tight. Mounting kit is supplied directly from us. To facilitate the installation, a drawing will be attached to the material showing a system of numbering for installation of the pieces in the correct sequence. Options:on request all systems can be fitted with adjustable feet for positioning and height levels.Work is regularly carried out with totally personalised lengths taking no account

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Further details
Larghezza canalina a pavimento: 150mm
Larghezza vano scolo acqua: 70mm
Spessore materiale:2mm (3mm su richiesta)
Pendenza di scolo:0,5% (5mm per metro lineare)
Altezza minima:70mm
Altezza massima:195mm (a 25,00 metri)
Lunghezza max di trasporto:5,00 m
Tondi distanzieri:ogni 330mm
Zanchette in muratura:ogni 330mm
Flangiature con viti:massimo ogni 5,00 m

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