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LessmoreTO BE | Eco plastic vase

Eco plastic vase

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Varese, Italy
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TO BE | Eco plastic vase
Eco plastic vase
Cardboard, Eco plastic

The To Be line is a fantastic line of decorative vases inspired by the concept of design using modular elements, which are common to the entire Ecodesign collection. Through the crystal clear glass of every object a message is sent to you. To Be is a statement and reminds us through the showing of the roots of the plants or the flower stem, that every show has a “behind the scenes” that requires commitment and care. The essential lines are the result of the combination of simple components in various shapes and sizes.

100X100X100mm / 100X100X300mm / 300X100X300mm
200X200X200mm / 200X200X600mm

Made up of a glass part and a part available in various other materials such as cardboard, wood, methacrylate, aluminum, carbon, bioplastic etc. each TO BE vase can be brought back to life, just by the replacement damaged parts.

Bioplastic blends delicately with cardboard and together they gently embrace a vase containing a flower or a plant. Thus one of the most innovative environmentally friendly materials adapts to life and shows it through the proud lines of a symbolic object such as To Be vase, made even more dynamic by this crossover of materials. It is a metaphor for the care towards the hidden parts of nature and this is enhanced by a new ally, bioplastic, as imaginative as it is eco-friendly, that eventually can be melted down without polluting our ecosystem. Design meets here a latest-generation biodegradable material, the result of research by a business enterprise of great prestige such as Mazzucchelli1849 Spa, the historic Italian company active in the field of plastics. Bioplastic makes its debut with the furniture of Giorgio Caporaso’s. Ecodesign Collection, unsurprisingly starting from this complement that makes up the outer shell in an exclusive way, contaminated with layers of cardboard. A dream of sustainability oriented towards new ways to make our life more beautiful, thanks to the awareness of designers, producers and those who choose the objects surrounding them, without sacrificing the aesthetic possibilities of patterns and decorations typical of plastic. 

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200 x 600 x 200 mm ca.
200 x 200 x 200 mm ca.

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