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Marble mosaic

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Lithos Mosaico Italia

Martina Franca, Italy
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Marble mosaic


Marble, Stone

The acquaforte collection comes from a deep knowledge of traditional techniques and from a technologic research towards innovation.  The top artistic craftsmanship , the marble preciousness and  the emphasis given by the metallic leaves and pigments make the acquaforte collection items easily insert with taste and elegance in every kind of environment . refined  engravings draw the marble surfaces making them unique and pleasant.
The originality of the acquaforte collection products is given by the combination of several decorations created by  precious metallic leaves and lots of pigments.The items by the acquaforte collection, being top artistic craftsmanship articles , are always different and never repeatable, unique in elegance and versatility.
The items by the acquaforte collection donate an interesting  sensory experience, where the marmoreal and stone surface become emotional surface, where sight and touch experience gratifying sensations.

‘Stamp’ by Lithos Mosaico Italia, is a line of mosaics processed by using the Acquaforte technique. It is characterized by micro-etchings presenting precious details, ornaments textures and simbologies of past times, modernized in matter of shapes and design and embellished either by the application of coloured pigments or gold, silver and copper leaves. Every tesserae is hand-made processed in order to create a microcosm full of echoes and suggestions. All of the elements, mixed together, create universes which perfectly match in both classic and modern contexts for inimitable and unique style spaces. It fits either for wall or floor coverings, it is ideal for the covering of great dimension surfaces in living spaces, in spaces dedicated to wellness and welcoming; it can also perfectly be used in small spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

cm 1,5 x 1,5 x 1

Acquaforte Collection by Lithos Mosaico Italia
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