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Marble wall/floor tiles

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Lithos Mosaico Italia

Martina Franca, Italy
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Marble wall/floor tiles



The ACQUALINE COLLECTION, by Lithos Mosaico Italia is one of the most versatile and contemporary collections of the company. Taking advantage from the most modern water jet cutting technique, Lithos Mosaico Italia, creates several floor and wall modular decorations making use of natural marbles and glass tiles producing either drawings and motifs with optical lines, or three-dimensional geometries, even modular compositions as in the case of the “Cube”. Provençal  themes and sinuous lines can be found either in the “Provence” or in the “Bloom”. Mixing the different styles with the mosaic it is possible to create sophisticated taste elements, as is the case for “Tangle”. The aim is to realise decorations with valuable themes and fascinating chromatic combinations, which can be versatile as well as adaptable to the most contemporany locations. It always occurs preserving the typical style of every creation of Lithos Mosaico Italia. These decorations are perfect to cover large surfaces giving them extraordinary elegance.
The decorations belonging to ‘ACQUALINE COLLECTION’ can be enhanced either by the application of gold, silver or copper leaves, or by processing as well as by the using of the Acquaforte technique. It can also be possible to combine the product with glass elements of the ‘Art Glass line'.

TANGLE, belonging to the Acqualine Colletion by Lithos Mosaico Italia, is a line of modular coverings made in water jet cut marble. It combines together lighting and tactile effects in a dynamic progression to create, any time, shimmering and unique surfaces. The TANGLE line, thanks to both the combination and the alternation of polished and honed marbles, thanks to the insertion of textured elements or mosaic ones creates sensational surfaces which are suitable for both large rooms and smaller ones, but it also gives good appareance to smaller areas as well as toiltets and kitchens.

TANGLE, usable for both wall and floor coverings, is available in two variants: TANGLE 1 where there is the juxtaposition of water jet polished, honed  marbles and also of textured marbles, obtained by the acquaforte technique. The second variant is TANGLE 2 which is characterised by water jet marbles, marble mosaic and textured marbles. Both of them are supplied in modules of 40,6 x 40,6 cm and they can be customised by changing the marbles and the texture design. It is also possible to embellish the decoration with the application of gold, silver or copper leaves.

Acqualine: memory drops draw contemporary reflections.

Modulo cm 40,6 x 40,6

Acqualine Collection by Lithos Mosaico Italia
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