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Stone flooring



The Mediterraneo Collection, by Lithos Mosaico Italia, is a Mediterranean natural stone collection, gathering the light, the colours and the warmth of ancient Apulia. Made up of Trani Stone and “scorza” limestone, it is perfect to create surfaces rich in history and traditions which are capable of transmitting emotions and creating unique, cosy, either contemporary or rustic environments. The Mediterraneo collection is composed by the APULIA STONE and the OLD STONE Products.

The APULIA STONE is realised with “Pietra di Trani”, typical from the Apulian Murgia, which is a calcareous stone and its peculiarity is given by its beige hot shades, and by the fact that each stone can have different shades, different from one other. It is versatile and elegant: It is suitable for floor coverings, stairs and wall coverings as well as for indoor and outdoor areas.
The APULIA STONE, by Lithos Mosaico Italia is available in CORSI MISTI with variable length and with a 25/30/35 width or also in Opus Romano.

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Pietra di Trani Burattata
Composizione modulare dei formati:
cm 20x20 - cm 20x40 - cm 40x40 - cm 40x60
Spessore cm 2

Mediterrano Collection by Lithos Mosaico Italia
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