TV cabinet Orientable Wood metal modern

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Cavaion Veronese, Italy
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TV cabinet Orientable Wood metal modern


Wood, Stainless Steel and Wood

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Lounge-wood is the innovative support for Laptop and more... that allows to use digital devices in home, and public places with the best comfort. Technology meets Lifestyle for a new experience promised by mobile connectivity...and it’s possible to use notebook on armchair, on sofa,  on chaise-longue in the garden and also on the bed, transforming this furniture in a comfortable laptop desk. Often, unlucky positons, for example over a table or a bedside table  may cause physical problems  or other pathology like cervical, neuralgia , eyestrain (using netbook and other small screen devices). Also computer works better: often tissues or irregular surfaces block air flow, reducing performance or causing hardware failure. Lounge-book was born as a portable computer accessories but it's also useful to support Ipad, E-book, and tablets, with an hands-free modality of employ.
Lounge-wood is built with cultivated wood and Steel, with painting and surface treatment zero emissions meet people with "green" sensibilty that ask natural materials.

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Lounge-wood 2014. New features to support iPad, Tablet, E-book Reader
Four years later the great success of Apple iPad, we think that the Tablet introduced a new lifestyle in mobility, but not replaced the Laptops for the personal productivity needs.
We studied for a long time to create a new ergonomic accessory, to make comfortable use of iPad and tablet at home, for example, to watch video or typing text with an external keyboard.
We decided to improve the performance of our Laptop-supports, using those devices, we believe that most people don’t leave their notebook to use only iPad or Tablet. “Born for Laptop, useful also for tablet PC”
We started with our Lounge-wood: in the new 2014 model , we have included a new features, to improve the user experience with those devices.
Lounge-wood allows you to use the tablet in two ways:
Positioning the device with an angle of 40 ° , adjustable by tilting the tray, with space for the bluetooth keyboard.
An amazing idea, to transform the Tablet in Netbook, while working or typing text !
Lounge-wood as a support for tablet or iPad
With an angle of 10 ° versus the edge of the tray.Perfect for multimedia contents (video , movie , photo ) allows use without hold it with hands.
The ultimate solution to preserve your iPad from crash caused by falling asleep in bed!
Support for tablet and ipad
We have already discussed the physical problems caused by prolonged use of those devices.
Here an interesting post by Digital trends
Some positions, may cause neck muscles pain and stress the cervical.If you use the tablet in netbook mode, with additional keyboard , you can take advantage of the excellent Lounge-wood’s features improving ergonomics of laptops.For example, eyes can get near to the screen, preventing vision problems.
Loungewood tilt tablet with the right angle
The support iPad is a special slot in the Laptop-tray. It allows tablets 7″-10 ” (12″ vertical) with thickness up to 15 mm.
Special felt-pads, supplied in each Loungewood, allow you to adjust even the slim last generation Tablets.
The base is easily removable by two screws, to make easier the cleaning operations.
laptop-tray how to clean

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