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LUCIFERO'SSEMPLICE | Light projector

Ceiling wall-mounted adjustable light projector

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Bologna, Italy
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SEMPLICE | Light projector
Ceiling wall-mounted adjustable light projector
Aluminium, Steel

Professional 230V track and base-mounted professional spotlights for 17W-50W LED, 35W-70W 230V HIT-CE metal halide and max. 60W 12V QR-LP halogen lamps. Diameters: 90, 120 and 150mm. Three different lighting positions thanks to the rod-sliding mechanism, included within the fixture’s body. Pure function and straightforward design. SEMPLICE or nothing.
Semplice results from a design mission which is even more extreme than Bicubo one, that is to say to create a project or housing both the optical unit and the power supply unit into one single component, inorder to reduce further the physical presence of this device. To achieve this aim, the greatest attention has been paid to the projector dimensions in order to find the best compromise between losing heat and keeping a compact design. Semplice is made of extruded aluminium and steel. Applications: any place of the service sector in general, but also for home spaces for the 90 mm diameter version. Sources of Light: Professional LED, Metal iodide lamps, Halogen lamps.

Wall and ceiling versions - In the dimensions of 120 and 150 mm. diameter. In theseversions the cylinder has been conceived so that it can slide along a rod, which is anintegrating part of the projector and allows three different work positions: a perpendicularposition to the installation surface, with a cylinder touching it when the rod is totallyretracted into the cylinder itself; a perpendicular position to the installation surface, butthe cylinder is separated, when the rod is taken out vertically making the cylinder slidedownwards; the pointing position, as above, but when the rod is taken out the cylinderrotates on the vertical axle.

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