Chain electric opening device

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Chain electric opening device

For those who live in environments with high ceilings which cannot be accessed manually, or for those who want the comfort of an electric opening without needing to necessarily reach the window, Luxin offers accessories suitable for opening and closing movements, whether manual, mechanical or electric. Rods can be used to access handles manually, and a mechanical device can be used to adjust the opening and closing of blinds, keeping the window locked and safe. With the option of electronic opening devices instead of a handle, it is possible to choose the best solution for your needs, controlling the window with a wall switch, a remote control, by connecting the electronic device to a main control unit etc.. there are no limitations, Luxin always finds the most affordable and practical solutions for its clients.

The Kato Tris 220V chain electric opening device is the ideal and most comfortable solution for those who want electric opening windows, but also the remote control of other accessories such as shutters, internal electric blinds and rain sensor inserted into the frame. By simply connecting the device to a power source, using a remote control the opening and closing of the window and other accessories can be controlled, stopping these wherever you please, without the need for additional control units. Using a switch the window can be controlled, using another switch the blinds can be controlled etc... a simple and easy way to keep everything under control. The maximum opening is 40cm with a pre-set limit switch. The maximum opening can be adjusted from 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 cm in the event internal or external obstructions block the path of the shutter. Easy to install at a later stage, these can be supplied pre-assembled by the company. For those who wish to combine a rain sensor, this will need to be connected directly to the controller in the window. With Kato Tris 220v, you can control all openings and closings from where you want, when you want... your windows are in your hands. Inserted in place of the handle, including a control unit which can also control 24v electric blinds, 220v electric shutter and rain sensor.

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