Indirect light handmade wood veneer pendant lamp

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Chiva Valencia, Spain
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Indirect light handmade wood veneer pendant lamp


Wood veneer


Koi is a huge carp made of light and wood, a spectacular light structure, half-lamp, half-sculpture.
Koi, based on the charecter created by Inocuo The Sign is the longest running project at LZF LAB, beginning in 2009 with the Armadillo lamp. The inspiration for this wonderful idea came from an interlacing wood system and the transparencies it produces when it is lit. The system, consisting in the overlaying of wooden slats, as if they were scales, is called the “Koi Fabric”, used for making iluminated walls.
In 2010 this fabric turned into the skin of a disturbing animal, a wooden carp which fed on light in a Motion Graphics film production. We had the fabric, transformed into scales, the carp which fed on light, and also a lot of material from the LZF LAB. Finally, in 2013, we could no longer resist and set out to actually build it. A long process which would not have been possible without the collaboration of the artist of this piece, Inocuo The Sign, the creator of the “Koi” movie.
The result is a stunning handcrafted piece measuring more than three metres from head to tail. Koi consists of a wooden frame, constructed using traditional techniques, which supports the skin, made of dozens of small wood veneer pieces.

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