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made a manoDOT’S

Quarry wall tiles / flooring

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made a mano

Caltagirone, Italy
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Quarry wall tiles / flooring
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DOT’S project is inspired by photografic small net in black and white. 
The chiaroscuro effect (light and shade) of an image is made through points of different diameters which smaller or larger size and density determines the parts of the image lighter or darker. 
The image formed by points is changeable, sketched, indefinite, the points make up the image aggregating like pixels creating outlines and shapes giving depth and shades. 
The points break up the image degrading until it disappears. 
Forms and images are mixed each other replacing or fading into nothingness. 

Materials: CI Industrial cotto, CS Structured cotto, CM Manual cotto, PLL Smooth lava stone, PLA Bush - hammered lava stone

Base glazes: Standard white. On request others colors

Size in mm:

Industrial cotto
100x100, 150x150, 200x200 

Lava stone
100x100, 150x150, 200x200 + customized size for tops and tables etc.

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