Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

The different stresses and instabilities a building goes through over the years or the effects of deterioration of one or more structural elements, usually cause cracks which are visible on the walls surfaces and invisible inside them. The so-called cracking is usually generated by strong tractions or frictions that can either weaken or, in some cases, cancel the tensile strength of the building’s structural elements, causing in that way, more or less evident breakages with geometries that allow to trace the origin of the damage. Over the years the importance of both monitoring and continuous study through appropriate instruments for data acquisition and signal alarms, allowed to both monitor the building’s condition and provide a prompt signals warning in case of violation of the safety thresholds, singularly determined for each position or inclination sensor. The automatic management of the values reading of the sensors (where intervals and modes are set by the user), the ability to self manage local alarms connected to sirens, traffic lights etc., the simplicity of the remote-control data management at any time and from anywhere, make the present data acquisition systems the best possible solution in the remote-control monitoring and management of active alarms in buildings with problems of cracking.

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