Turkish bath with Chromotherapy

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Bastia, Italy
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Turkish bath with Chromotherapy


Giulio Gianturco, Makrodesign

H_hammam is the new Makro steambath with integrated shower for the home and contract industry, which has been conceived according to criteria of quality and sustainability as far as the building technique and the materials are concerned, which are all recyclable, light and safe. Relying on the concept of light prefabrication, H_hammam offers several project solutions in terms of sizes, typologies, door position and finishes and can stand alone or blend in with the broad range of products of Makro Systems by Makro.

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Further details
Light prefabrication, short installation time
The concept of lightness is expressed both in terms of aesthetics and of building technique. H-hammam was designed and built using light-weight prefabricated structural elements in composite aluminium and EPS, highly performing in terms of thermo and acoustic isolation, which are available pre-wired and in different sizes. All these elements lead to easiness of installation and decrease of installation time.
Already clad o unclad, H_hammam offers xxx combinations
H-hammam can be customised and offers a wide variety of project solutions thanks to its prefabricated structural elements, which are available in several refined materials such as light marble, Corian®, layer of enamelled ceramics or thermo treated woods for the external part, the different door positioning, its sizes and its different typologies (corner, niche, wall and freestanding). Makro steambath is like a big Meccano granting a high degree of building flexibility and customization.
High technology and good performance
The steam of H_hammam is produced by a compact steam generator consuming from 2,5 to 4 KW per unit, according to the volume and the glass surface (it is possible to equip the steambath with more generators according to the customer’s needs). At the end of each use, the clean function is automatically activated and it is also possible to prepare the steambath for the ordinary cleaning. The generator is placed within an easy to access structural element.
Great attention was given to the ceiling in Corian® composite and EPS, hiding a special heating membrane which grants a fast pre-heating of the steambath, makes it easier to keep a constant inner temperature and avoids the forming of condensation. On the outside there is an elegant Touch-Screen electronic control system with graphic display including all the functions of the steambath.
All-round wellness
H_hammam has an integrated shower and consists of integrated shower tray of the MAKRO collection in stainless steel AISI_304 with lateral waste, showerhead (equipped with chrome therapy and, on demand, with water curtain with waterfall effect and diffuser-nebulizer system), RGB lighting and sound diffusion for a 5 star wellness sensation.
Main technical characteristics
STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS: Prefabricated structural elements in composite aluminium and EPS throughout its thickness (9 cm) highly performing in terms of thermo and acoustic isolation. The plumbing of the system is granted by a floor frame with adjustable feet, including the stainless steel shower tray.
The steambath is equipped with a structural element easy to access from the outside, including all the components which need to be inspected and controlled.
SHOWER: MAKRO shower tray in stainless steel AISI_304 integrated with the external frame to allow the plumbing, equipped with lateral waste 31lt/min on the short side. Slatted footboard (similar to Deck) available also plain, without slats, with lateral waste. Rain showerhead with chrome therapy which can be equipped with water curtain with waterfall effect and diffuser-nebulizer system.
CEILING: made in composite Corian/EPS with anti-condensation membrane.
COMMAND AND ACCESSORIES: Touch-Screen electronic control panel with graphic display including all the functions of the steambath: on/off, steam generator, inner temperature regulation, led RGB chrome therapy regulation, radio FM / mp3, speakers volume regulation (6W+6W).
STEAM GENERATOR: available from 2.5 to 4.0 KW for each unit according to the volume and the glass surface. It is possible to equip the steambath with several generators according to the typology or for special enquiries.
DIMENSIONS: 120 x 100, 120 x 120, 150 x 120; 180 x 120; 210 x 120; 240 x 120 – outer height 230 cm, inner height 210 cm, footboard height 8 cm.
INNER FINISHES : Corian, Carrara Marble, ceramic stoneware (thickness 6/7 mm)
OUTER FINISHES : Corian, thermo-treated wood (Hemlock, ash wood, lati)
DOOR AND GLASS WALLS : tempered glass 8 mm thick
TAPS : stainless steel 316L
INNER ACCESSORIES : Corian, stainless steel
CONTROL UNIT : 230Vac 50/60Hz, IP55

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