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MalabarMARQUIS | Round coffee table

Round bistro side table

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Porto, Portugal
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MARQUIS | Round coffee table
Round bistro side table
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Heritage Collection is the essence of a country, a portrait of a world of cultural elements uniquely confined to the root of a people. It is that legacy that gives us, today, symbols that we’re proud to claim as fruits of our ingenuity, as well as symbols which were adopted and taken as our own, from paths crossed momentarily in the past. Heritage, a collection that catalogues what is essentially the birth of a nation, is completed by pieces that reflect important landmarks, in days of yore.
With Heritage, Malabar moves into a classic, more ornate design philosophy in order to stay true to the inspirations, setting itself worlds apart from the first collection, World Architects. Cornices, friezes, carving, tiles, gold and silver leaf, wrought iron, ceramics and other time-honored elements and styles will be some of its characteristic components. To create these pieces, we need more than skill from our artisans and designers: a monumental amount of passion for art and attention to detail are necessary to complete a worthy tribute piece.

The Marquis side table pays homage to chess, a strategic game par excellence. Played both literally and figuratively at the royal courts, few are thought to have mastered it as well as the Marquis of Pombal, renowned to this day for his thorough strategic planning that led to economic prosperity in Portugal in past centuries. Just like chess pawns, these solid wood tables are discrete yet memorable pieces with the finest elaborate lines finished with lacquered colors.
Solid wood with lacquer finishing.  Available in various colours.
DIAMETER  40 cm | 15.7''
HEIGHT       55 cm | 21.6''

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