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MANADEPERFO | Desk tray organizer

Painted metal desk tray organizer

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Paris, France
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PERFO | Desk tray organizer
Painted metal desk tray organizer
Painted metal

Perfo - Objects designed to organise the workstation at home or at work.
They can be used to tidy away paper of all sorts and sizes, since they are « derived themselves from paper ».
To be more exact, they were inspired by the perforated cutting line that can be found on sheets of postage
stamps and pre-cut paper cut-outs for children.
By using this cutting line of juxtaposed oblong perforations, it is possible to produce a finished 3-D object
from a two-dimensional sheet of lacquered steel. These perforations have become the distinctive stamp of
this line of accessories and are what give them their dimension and aesthetic value.

Perfo - Painted metal desk tray organizer.

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