MANNI ENERGY Inverter for photovoltaic system

Inverter for photovoltaic system

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Inverter for photovoltaic system


Inverter for photovoltaic system

The inverter or converter is another very important component of the photovoltaic system. It converts the continuous current from the photovoltaic cells into alternating current. So it can be used at home or can be placed on the network. All inverters have the function of transformation, optimisation, production and control that serve to :Transform the continuous current produced by the photovoltaic generator into alternating current and to raise the output voltage at the level of the electricity network in order to be put on it.Optimize the performance of the system compared to the solar radiation by adjusting the operating point on the characteristic curve of the photovoltaic generator, bringing it to work at the maximum power point (MPP)Produce the current following control and security procedures, in compliance with the actual related standards.Finally, the inverter must have a self-protecting device against overheating: in fact, when it is overloaded, it is not able to transform all the produced energy by the photovoltaic generator and is at risk of overheating. In this case, the inverter protects itself by reducing the transformed electric power thanks to a derating mechanism.The inverter uses particular software and hardware control systems that permit to extract form the solar panels the maximum available power in all weather conditions. Manni Energy offers a large range of photovoltaic modules adaptable to each specific need and type of photovoltaic system.

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