MANNI SIPRE Lightened Beams

Mixed steel-concrete beam and column

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Lightened Beams


Mixed steel-concrete beam and column

Manni Sipre was an European forerunner in the pre-processing of beams and sections and is in a position of absolute leadership in the field today. To purchase Manni Sipre pre-processed steel elements means guaranteeing your company not only an extremely wide range of available beams, ready for delivery, in every range and dimension, but also reducing procurement time and costs, favouring the elimination of low productivity processing and costs for the management of orders. Manni Sipre’s processing permits absolute precision in coupling pieces, a guarantee for the cycle of anti-corrosion protection, the absence of discards, the reduction of burdens for movement and extremely easy assembly. The creation of value is realised through processing and services such as technical assistance, cutting to measure, marking, boring and other CNC processing. Upon completion of the long product, Manni Sipre Service Centers supply plates, Burbach rails and pre-processed angles. Surface protection is a fundamental aspect of any metallic structure, therefore sandblasting, coating and galvanising treatments are also performed. Only the automation of production can guarantee flexibility and a reduction in times and costs. Manni Sipre offers from stock standard beams from 80 to 1100 mm in height and lightened beams from 120 to 1000 mm in height, in the standard commercial length and lengths cut to measure of S275JR – S275JO – S355JR – S355JO quality.

Manni Sipre is able to offer customers lightened HEA and IPE beams. These are laminated beams that differ from standard beams in two fundamental ways: with respect to HEA and IPE with equal nominal designations, lightened (HEAA and IPEA) beams have smaller thickness; the Wx / Weight ratio is improved with respect to standard beams;Lightened beams are almost exclusively of the S 355 quality, while standard beams are of S 275 quality. The combination of these two features generates the following advantages: Since the cost in euros per tonne is greater, the total expenditure is less in virtue of the value of the weight saved; Movement time is reduced; Greater savings in transportation expenses; Savings in hot galvanisation. Greater product quality (lightened beams are produced only by first rate steelworks).

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