Manooi DEEP SKY | Crystal pendant lamp

Halogen crystal pendant lamp

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Budapest, Hungary
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DEEP SKY | Crystal pendant lamp


Halogen crystal pendant lamp


Steel, Crystal

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Deep Sky - Deep Sky is an attempt to grasp the infinity of space, crystals augmented by their own reflections. This infinite mass of twinkling stars is only visible from below, a solid box of painted wood concealing the sparkling multitude.
Available in 18 standard sizes for different architectural spaces, Deep Sky is the most versatile and popular chandelier of the Personal Universe Collection.
Far beyond our galaxy in the deep sky there are billions and billions of galaxies with trillions of sparkling stars. A piece of endless personal universe, a crystal chandelier is a source of light which has been present in interiors for centuries; we approach this traditional object in a contemporary, unexpected and creative way. It is available with Swarovski crystals too.

Personal Universe Collection by Manooi
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