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MARE | Roof tile


Slate roof tile



Internal and external use.
Ideal for floor, wall covers, facades, treads, fireplaces, table and windows sill. 
The material si exceptional for kitchens and bathrooms countertops. The high tensile strength, color stability, high resistance to stain and easiness to clean allows its this use.

Classical and soft color, ideal for both indoor and outdoor.
Its great flexural strength, color stability, high stain resistance and easy cleaning allow very different applications. Home, public places but also for restoration and commercial architectures.

Naturale Slate is a nobil product for roofing and outdoor facade.
The main features are:
- Impermeability
- Weather resistant
- Insulating
- Incombustible material

Map Slate has available more different color: black, grey, multicolor and ligure; also in same quarry, slate may have different color. 
The laying of sltae is characterized by assembling of indipendent slabs. They arrange in parallel courses with adapt overlapping.
Regarding the choice of cover type to be performed, we must establish mainly:
1. Climate area
2. Slope of layer, so we establish fixing elements
3. Overlap typy that it influrnvr all roofing elements

In closing, we choice: size slabs, thickness slabs, size half and fixing element (nail or hook)

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