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Box roller blind with guide system

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Marinello Tende

Ponto San Nicolo, Italy
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Box roller blind with guide system

The roller blind Padova, from the aesthetic point of view, is the expression of a disciplined Italian creativity united with the most audacious planning.
Obviously for an external roller blind also the technological aspect counts: the core of the system are the end cheeks of the cover box made from stainless steel that act as brackets on the guide rope. A choice designed to achieve simplicity and beauty.
But it doesn't stop here: for an exclusive roller blind it was necessary do add another characteristic: the brackets of the guide can be designed according to the customer’s specifications for every realisation.
Therefore Padova presents itself as a product that is able to adapt easily to any architectural solution and will satisfy the person you commit the project to:
every cover box is height adjustable at will and it is simple to install also more than one roller blind between two guides to shade different levels of a facade.

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Further details
PADOVA - Descrizione tecnica
Tenda a rullo per esterni composta da:
- Cassonetto in alluminio estruso con verniciatura a polveri.
- Rullo di avvolgimento con ogiva porta telo in acciaio.
- Testate laterali in acciaio inox lavorate al tornio e fresa con funzione di supporto del rullo sulla guida
- Supporti guida a scelta.
- Fondale zavorrato in alluminio estruso con  verniciatura a polveri con tappi laterali per scorrimento su guida.
- Guida in tondo d’acciaio inox AISI 316 filettato per il tensionamento o in fune inox AISI 316.
- Possibilità di montaggio di più rulli sulla stessa coppia di guide e regolazione in opera della posizione del rullo
- Viti e bulloneria in acciaio inox

Tipologia di manovra:
- Motore elettrico a corrente alternata 230V 50Hz con fine corsa e cavo di alimentazione

Manovre e dimensioni:


dimensioni massime









tondo AISI 316

 motore 4000 5000 fune AISI 316

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