Mastro Fiore ST60NN

Alabaster washbasin top

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Mastro Fiore

Civita Castellana, Italy
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Alabaster washbasin top


Wood, Alabaster

A combination of three natural elements – alabaster, wood and blown glass – a product range suited to a demanding customer seeking an exclusive and original product. Ideal for a spa, for a hotel suite, but also for a domestic bathroom, bestows on its environment the perfect combination of harmony and balance. With its unique style, MastroFiore unites quality of materials with quality of workmanship. No detail is overlooked. The result is disarming, innovative and aesthetically surprising. What distinguishes from standard bathroom fixtures is the strong character of its individual components. The choice of this special multi-faceted stone, alabaster, is a winner. The alabaster has been hand cut from the quarry in Volterra, cut into an “L” shape, treated to make it waterproof, and then mounted on wood. This material is further distinguished by mounting the alabaster above LED lights that are lit by a 24 volt power source with a protection level of 68 (IP68: meaning that waternever reaches the LED casing, and if it should touch the casing there is no chance of shock). The LED case is easy to install and to inspect.

Please note that the colour of this luminescent basin in dark conditions can differ from the colour illustrated in the catalog. Generally it will glow blue or green, and the intensity of colour will also depend on its position and light conditions in which it is installed and on the conditions of its production. The catalogue image serves only as guidance and your basin may vary. The actual process of mouthblowing creates small bubbles in the glass basin. These are not defects, but proof that the object has been produced by a master craftsman and not mass-produced in a factory. Bubbles will vary in number and size but will always be smaller than 2 cm. in diameter. Lights go on with a simple movement. Light is projected onto the stone and the optical effect is extraordinary. The switch for the LEDs can be placed below the natural countertop, beside the mirror, or near the main light switch. With one simple motion, the room is illuminated with a unique and transformative light. Several standard sizes for the natural top and for the wooden shelf are available. The choice of natural top and of the wooden surface (in terms of color, size, and finish) can vary according to taste and the environment. It is possible to “invent” and create varied compositions, playing with combinations of colors and materials.

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