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MDF ItaliaRANDOM | Bookcase

Modular wood fibre bookcase

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MDF Italia

Mariano Comense, Italy
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RANDOM | Bookcase
Modular wood fibre bookcase
Wood fibre
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The iconic Random bookcase is renewed and the product range welcomes new modules and colours.
Adding the colour medium grey to the classic matt white has made it possible to create different accents and to bring new value to the product’s distinctive shape. This new neutral colour makes the piece perfectly adaptable to any furnishing scheme.
Another new aspect is the contrasting variant, which introduces two one-of-a-kind modules that can highlight the iconic lines of the Random collection with an interesting application of chiaroscuro imagery.

Monochromatic version

A bookcase made of 6 mm thick medium-density wood fibreboards, with matt lacquer (micro-goffered) in white or medium grey, and back of melamine-coated board (thickness 10 mm).
Contrasting version (only for Random)

Two types are available
- structure (sides and shelves) matt lacquered in white, back lacquered in matt medium grey;
- structure (sides and shelves) matt lacquered in medium grey, back lacquered in matt white.
Compartments in standard sizes. The shelves are fit into the backs through concealed dovetail slots.
With adjustable feet to 15 mm.
For safety reasons, it is highly recommended to fix the unit to the wall. Please note: it is suggested not to fix the units horizontally
Possibility of large-sized configurations by flanking.
The new modules, with 2 and 3 spans, can be used alone or combined with the standard model to allow greater flexibility and improve the modularity of the entire collection.

BOX A, B and C
The new decoration elements are inspired by modern artworks to add colour and functionality to some modules of Random bookcase. Boxes coated in artificial fibre canvas in the following colours: white, black, grey, dove grey, red, yellow and blue.
The body is always dove grey.
- BOX A - L21.6 D22.5 H27.8 cm
- BOX B - L8.6 D22.5 H34.8 cm
- BOX C - L18.6 D22.5 H29.3 cm
The standard sizes of Random compartments make box position compulsory.

Further info from manufacturer on RANDOM | Bookcase
L81.6 D25 H217 cm

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