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Structural steel beam, column, and section

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Bitetto, Italy
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Structural steel beam, column, and section

The MTR® A Beam, with the steel bottom plate, is self-supporting during the assembly and casting phase of the floor. It allows to meet the architectural requirements so it represents the alternative and ideal solution against the limitations of the traditional systems.
This building structure solution makes possible to build structural frames no matter what seismic design category combining different kinds of floors according to the building and its function.
The beam is self-supporting during the assembly and casting phase of the floor so its static behaviour depends on the two different building phases of the structure: 
Phase 1: until the concrete consolidation, the MTR® A is self-supporting and functions as an isostatic lattice metallic structure.
Phase 2: after the concrete consolidation, the self-supporting MTR® A beam is tied to adjacent structural support members. It becomes a hyperstatic structure with a resistant composite steel-concrete section.

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