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Metalglas BonomiNEW PITBULL

Glass porch

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Metalglas Bonomi

Lumezzane, Italy
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Glass porch

New glass canopy without rods, adjustable.
The aim was to bring together cosmetic impact and mechanical efficiency and this was achieved with the Pitbull Canopy, which guarantees an exceptional level of resistance to loads even though there are no supports or stay rods. The secret of this highly innovative solution is an aluminium frame that has been especially designed to have a strong grip on the glass and to give a very firm hold once it is fixed to the wall. The frame’s section is designed to hold glass of various thicknesses and make various inclination angles possible to drain off rain. The cosmetic result is unmissable; extremely clean and a design that is absolutely linear making the glass seem attached to the wall on its own. This is the magic of the technical research that is the foundation of the Pitbull Canopy.

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