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Blinds Systems

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Rodengo Saiano, Italy
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METRA Sunblades
Blinds Systems

The new Metra Sun Blades series is more than a simple sun protection tool, it can be widely applied from skyscrapers to private homes, increasing energy savings. Its bold aesthetic appearance enhances any architectural form and is capable of transforming any habitat into a satisfying and entertaining place to live, offering the choice between darkness, light, sunshine and complete shade... at whatever time of day and with great ease. The simple insertion of photovoltaic panels onto the blades produces clean energy with a low environmental impact. The Sunblades can have the same finishings as all METRA systems and the automatisms are managed by a domotics system.

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- Protection from overheating
- Protection against nocturnal dispersions
- Energy saving
- Domotics
- Configuration flexibility
- Recirculation of air and ventilation
- Silent operation
- Internal acoustic comfort
- Minimum maintenance.


• Private homes and public buildings
• Combination with curtain walls systems.

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