Building automation system for hotel

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FLERO, Italy
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Building automation system for hotel

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Life&Design arises from the request of a world-famous designer to create a product with strong personality and character. A superior product than the others currently available on the market and custom-made to equip the rooms of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan.
A line thought and created with a new look, new electronics and composed by specific microprocessors of the latest generation. These features allow Life&Design to express aesthetic personality, functionality and stability of operation.
Life&Design is highly technological with strong character and solidity.
The electronics parts used in this line are comparable to the ones used in a smart phone. All the panels can be reprogrammed “on site”and the software can be updated upon request. This way the product is always new and renewable in the course of time and it has all the characteristics of the good investment.
The aesthetic impact triumphs and the electronic heart of this line is at the highest technological level.
The aesthetic details are extremely well-finished. The choice of the button instead of the touch has been studied intentionally in order to satisfy the needs of concreteness and strength. The feeling is to really command something and not to be at the mercy of the building automation.
Nothing has been saved from the point of view of the materials. An example is the titanium finish that denotes the panel strong personality and it allows to deliver in the user's hands the best of comfort and technology.
The choice to remove screws and screwdrivers required a long and analyzed materials research and the purpose was to obtain a flowing aesthetic without interruptions.
The frame is stainless steel made. This material confers strength to the line which has no equals on the building automation components market.
It is possible to dimmer in unison 32 light circuits so 32 different lamps simultaneously by the unique up and down button. Therefore the feeling is to have just one circuit.
The light scenic design is something never experienced so far. Authentic atmospheres are created by a simple touch and they offer the user an experience where he is the real protagonist in complete simplicity and mastery.
Every Life&Design product can be implemented in any existing Microdevice installation and it will work immediately without additional assistance.

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