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  • Design by Rodolfo Dordoni

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Meda, Italy
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Collar is a seating system that melds the rationality of design with function, placing technology at the service of the individual. A fusion of formal and aesthetic contents – the well-balanced proportions and symmetry of the depth of the armrest and the seat back – and the functionality of the sofa. Collar reveals an unexpected personality, able to transform its appearance based on the various positions in which the armrest and seat back are placed. A dynamic seating system backed by exclusive technology developed by Minotti Studio, which makes it possible to adjust the support angle of the cushions and modify the performance of the sofa depending on how it is being used. Collar’s armrests, seat backs and cushions are all the same depth and the secret to their welcoming softness is the down-covered Memory Foam cushioning. But what really makes this sofa innovative is the technology developed by Minotti Studio that allows the armrests and seatbacks to be adjusted to three different positions: one is horizontal, creating a practical table-like surface that can support the weight of a person; a second position for increased support of the seat back or armrest cushions; and a third position in which the armrests and seat backs can be adjusted to a vertical position. 

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