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Predappio , Italy
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Decorative panel


Aluminium, PMMA, kraft paper


In collaboration with worldwide famous artists and designers, MOMENTI gives a body to its artistic and handmade soul. Crazy Home Paintings offers a series of auteur pictures, to turn every environment in a true domestic art gallery.

Crazy Home Paintings is an artistic print on tactile support with wall hardware included. MOMENTI produces modern pieces of art, thanks to its team of expert artisans and to the skilled knowledge and usage of colour, images and taste to furnish and excite.

The supports employed for the application of the compound elaborated by Momenti can be:
● Composite aluminum alloy panel 
With an interposed core of polyethylene, the simplest of the synthetic polymers and the most present in nature.
● Alveolar ecopanel
Obtained with 100% white cellulose kraft. This kind of support is ecological, recycled, recyclable, lightweight and economical. The alveolar ecopanel needs to stay away from heat sources, in environments with constant temperature and low humidity level. Please avoid contact with liquid substances. 
Our compound is then applied, made of non-toxic, odor-free, water-repellent and easy to clean resins. The working process completely respects all environmental norms in force.
● PMMA panel 
It’s a plastic material composed by methyl-methacrylate polymers. It is extremely transparent, more than glass, at the point that it features behaviours similar to those of the optic fiber for what concerns transparency and owns the property of being, in different percentages, unbreakable. Momenti uses exclusively PMMA panels manufactured in Italy, recycled, 100% recyclable and certified by the authorities in charge. 

All products in the collection are printed with GREENGUARD certified system. Being certified by GREENGUARD means that the product and the ink with which it was printed were both tested against the emission of pollutants inside the buildings following, strict laboratory methods.

Available on the pricing list - whole panel:
Standard sizes available for aluminium panels (cm)
50x50 , 90x70 , 70x90 , 50x100 , 100x50 , 100x100 , 120x120 , 100x150 , 160x60 , 150x100 , 120x180 , 180x120 , 150x150 , 100x200 , 200x100

Standard sizes available for PMMA panels (cm)
50x50 , 90x70 , 70x90 , 50x100 , 100x50 , 100x100 , 120x120 , 100x150 , 160x60 , 150x100 , 150x150 , 100x200 , 200x100

Standard sizes available for alveolar ecopanel (cm)
50x50 , 90x70 , 70x90 , 50x100 , 100x50 , 100x100 , 120x120 , 100x150 , 160x60

Available on the pricing list - modular composite:
CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, CP-4, CP-5, CP-6, CP-7, CP-8
Every standard element of a composite measures 50x50 cm, in 8 possible combinations, from two to nine elements. Please view the description sheet in the Catalogues section.

Every artistic print is customizable both on whole panel or composite format.
For the custom size of a whole panel or each modular composite piece, please consider the max and min dimensions available for each material.
For quotes and information, please contact the company.

Further info from manufacturer on EB-007

Crazy Home Paintings Collection by MOMENTI
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