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Casalgrande, Italy
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Glass Mosaic


Wood, Metal, Glass, Marble, Stone


Carlo Dal Bianco, Francesco Lucchese, Studio Candussio, Ikos

The energising effect and the positive colour charge: over 100 solid colours in gloss and matt finishes, along with the 42 mixes and 14 shades of the Vetrina collection, are a versatile and flexible tool to create wonderful compositions that express all the luminous depth and charm of a glass mosaic.
Every colour comes from a precise reference to the universally recognised Pantone© colour chart, an indispensable tool for architects, designers and professionals. The small size of the chips, 10x10 mm, creates a module with a special texture and fascinating tactility.

Two decorations narrate the ancient art of lacquer and mother-of-pearl typical of master craftsmen of the Han dynasty (II century B.C.) and the entire Ming dynasty (XVII century A.D.).  Dal Bianco’s creations emphasise the aesthetic potential of the chips from the Concerto and Perle collections. The plasticity and opacity of the Concerto chips and the mother-of-pearl lustre of the Perle chips bring these surfaces to life: colour is not merely a background, but rather acquires character and expressiveness. LACQUER: A decoration inspired by the wondrous and exotic world of Chinese lacquers, especially the Peonies in engraved red lacquer typical of the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644), interpreted in four colour versions: Red, Violet, Grey and Blue. INLAY: A decorating project that investigates and interprets the ancient art of engraving mother-of-pearl, especially during the Yuan period of the XIV century. In high quality objects, but also in splendid screens, there was always a stark contrast between the mother-of-pearl and the background, which was often black.  The background is a mixture of black and very dark green chips from the Concerto series that contrasts with the Perle chips in a selection of light hues similar to the natural colour of mother-of-pearl. The sky is interrupted by wisps of clouds; all four panels depict oriental-style trees along the seashore amidst the flowers in a large meadow. 

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