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Mottura Sistemi per tendeM2NET

Electric opener for blinds

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Mottura Sistemi per tende

S.Giusto C.se , Italy
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Electric opener for blinds

M2net is the platform that Mottura has developed to manage and control its motor-driven systems. The M2net platform offers:

- “analogue ambience” for installations that require only management
- “digital ambience” for installations that require management as well as possible control.

Management consists of transmitting commands to the drive; control consists of checking that the commands have been received and correctly executed, and much more. 
Control is achieved thanks to constant exchange of information between the command devices and the motor-driven systems: a constant 2-way dialogue. 
This 2-way dialogue is based on M2net, the digital protocol developed by Mottura thanks to decades of know-how acquired in the field of home & build automation. 

Control can be exercised via:
- by-wire, sending digital data over a simple 3-lead electrical wire, thereby ensuring coverage over several hundred metres and overcoming obstacles of all kinds
- wireless, sending digital data by means of R.F. transmission (868 - 915 MHz world-wide)
- Wi-Fi, taking advantage of the versatility and speed of the latest digital technologies.

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