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  • Design by Flo Florian & Sascha Akkermann

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Fabric room divider



MIKASI is a sunscreen tent and at the same time a poetic  hideaway from a hectic day.  In this new interpretation of Indian tepees two nomadic design  features merge: the conical shape and the folding grille.  Whether in the home or in the garden - inside of MIKASI you  can let your mind wander. At maximum extension MIKASI  offers a 2.5-meter space (at 250 cm height).  The 12 sails are made of the extremely durable material  „Tyvek“. They can be attached and removed quickly and easily  with the use of high quality snaps. By attaching the sails you  can decide whether MIKASI is fully closed, partially open, or  even completely transparent. By the number of installed sails it  is defined how wind and sunshine can go through.  The word „MIKASI“ means in Swahili „scissors“ and in the  language of the Indians „white moon“. The design principle  is based on the so-called “Nürnberger Schere” - a link chain,  which consists of a plurality of cross bars. The “Nürnberger  Schere” is one of the first documented translation mechanisms.  Because of the flexible wood structure the size of the tent can  be changed with only one hand movement.  Minimum size installed: height 265 cm, diameter 140 cm  Maximum size installed: height 250 cm, diameter 250 cm  Dimension when folded: height 270 cm, diameter 25 cm  included in Delivery: mounted wooden frame made of ash  wood, 12 sails from Tyvek material with snaps, carrying case  for the 12 sails, black cushion base for the interior 

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