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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles
Porcelain stoneware

Numi marks the beginning of the collaboration between Mutina and the German designer Konstantin Grcic. For the first time, Grcic has to deal with the ceramic surface and presents a book about research and inspirations with a very strong appeal to contemporary art. The result is a real conversation about art. An exploration of a world close to the company, which becomes the basis for the study of colors, materials and shapes. 
Numi is made of signs, handmade signs, specific signs, imperfect signs which become black strokes geometries, sublimated through delicate contrasts and interpreted on a “soft” cement with natural and dusty pigments.
The collection consists of squared tiles - 30x30 cm and 60x60 cm - with a different, partially glazed geometric form, in six different colors.
These shapes create a pattern which magnifies into architecture.
Numini, in a smaller size - 5x5 cm - are based on the same principle, but they represent the sculptor soul of the collection, being characterized by a pattern that this time is created by the embossment and not by the glaze. The 6 geometries are carved on an extra matt background which reminds of Numi’s soft cement, emphasized by a smooth finishing and by the usual 6 dusty shades: light three-dimensional effects which create a linear movement. Mosaic pieces in size 5x5 cm, made in homogenous porcelain stoneware, are assembled with glue on sheets in 30x30 cm. In their arrangement every geometric shape is settled in exactly the same way to emphasize the lights and shadows. As in a mass production. The geometry’s embossment on the tile, around 0,6 mm of size, allows the coating to create an evocative effect.

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