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Terracotta room divider
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Tierras is a project which develops around the concept of sedimentation, and the long Mediterranean artisan memories. Tierras’ revisited tradition is reinforced by the dual personality of the collection, which combines the newest technological innovation with the most traditional concept of handmade productions.
Six different kind of lavas, of terracotta and of clays, chromatically matching with each other, combine and mix, enriching and softening the black base of recycled ceramics on which they deposit, making it timidly emerge on the surface.

Tierras is handmade tradition. Mutina and Patricia Urquiola wanted to reprise the traditional artisanal production process typical of terracotta. The wish to exit from two-dimensional spaces typical of standard wall covering, is translated into the experimentation of three-dimensional bricks, which gives shape to new design elements, whose high aesthetic-functional content enables limitless solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Tierras is handmade design, 5 three-dimensional surfaces made by extruded natural terracotta: Little Roman, Big Roman, Bis-cotto, Little L and Base. Elements which come out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and by time passing. Roof tiles, bricks, hollow bricks and partition walls are undone, unstructured and re-interpreted in a new way, keeping a traditional touch.

Bis-Cotto represents the sophisticated evolution of the traditional parting wall.
The roof tile enters the house to replace the bricks: from building wrapping to septum, adopting the role of a decorative element.
Bis-Cotto comes from this idea: a unit with an innovative design, characterized by soft shapes which stuck in one another to generate a dynamic pattern, created by the alternating of solid and voids.
“Gentle” compositions are shaped, which overcome the traditional wall partitions.
Bis-Cotto represents the ideal alternative to realize separating elements, giving the space a very high aesthetic value.

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