Chemical for water system maintenance

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Nettuno, Italy
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Chemical for water system maintenance

DEVIL is a very effective drain cleaner able to free clogged pipes from organic material. It can be used to clean any type of toilets and drains, up to a diameter of about 100mm. The chemical and exothermic properties of DEVIL are able to dissolve rags, diapers, paper, cardboard, cigarette butts, remains of pasta, meat, fat, soap, vegetables, etc. Obstructions caused by plastic caps (ex. Toothpaste caps), nylon clots, ceramic, cement and metals cannot be dissolved with DEVIL, as they consists of the same materials of the drains, which the product is not meant to harass. 
The product fluidity helps to facilitate its flow in the pipelines, thus reaching blocking material faster. DEVIL requires water to trigger is chemical actions; therefore it is important that humidity is present in the obstructed area.
DEVIL works best when there is not a lot of water: in the case of a toilet full with water (or, similarly, a sink), it is recommended (where possible) to lower the water level prior to pouring Devil, less product to act on the problem. DEVIL is very effective, so it is advisable to follow closely the usage instructions below.

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