Contemporary style drop-leaf stackable aluminium contract table

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Chiampo, Italy
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Contemporary style drop-leaf stackable aluminium contract table


Aluminium, Laminate, Polypropylene (PP)


IBISCO is the 'ideal professional partner for all rooms with outdoor spaces at the time of closing must move or remove the tables. The plane of IBISCO, in fact, can be tilted vertically at 90 ° through a simple mechanism with snap spring. Its handling is also facilitated by a convenient handle that facilitates the movement. The base of the cross table, the base and the central shaft are made of square section cast aluminum powder coated polyester. The plan is available IBISCO square or round with a range of finishing options. Nardi products are 100% recyclable, maintenance-free after this season, are tested to European standard EN 581-1/2/3 and are made entirely in Italy.

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