Self-adhesive ceramic flooring

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Codevigo, Italy
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Self-adhesive ceramic flooring



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Ideal solution for all types of raised floors manufactured with no built-in top covering, ideal solution for the finishing of all raised floor systems composed by modular steel-incasedraised floor or originally produced without their own covering.
FREE-floor, a dry-stone system to install/replace/renew the covering of a raised floor or a traditional floor.

FREE-floor is an authentic revolution for:
1. the installation’s technics of the new generation of raised floors
2. the renewal of the already existing and aged floors allows the dry-stone installation in di erent sizes of precious materials: ceramic, marble and natural or articial granits, natural parquet.

Without any type of glue or building intervention.
High features of fi nishing and precision of details: incomparable aesthetic impact and maximum flexibility.
Soft bottom covering:
1) makes FREE-floor applicable also on surfaces with small roughness
2) absorbs the impact energy of the dynamic loads
3) allows a suitable grip on the laying surface; no slipping in the case of radial dynamic loads

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Further details
EASY, INSTANT, CLEAN: Freefloor is simply placed on the surface that has to be coated or renewed, without applying adhesives.
Its unique composition and DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY allow an easy installation with lower installation costs.

SIMPLE: no need for treatment or priming the surface on which it is installed, no need to use complicated equipment.

SECURE: its clean and free installation of adhesives or other chemicals will not cause odors or dust that can cause disturbances to people and therefore to any ACTIVITIES IN THE ROOM THAT HAS TO BE RENEWED.

VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE: it can be installed, relocated, replaced, removed and reinstalled again with ease and speed.

Versatility, survival and freedom of composition.
The tiles are applied without the use of adhesives and thus free to be positioned and repositioned at will with the consequences, the possible combinations, rotations, or the insertion of new elements of different colors and / or type of coating (eg, ceramic and marble ).
It can be installed and removed whenever you want and without affecting the characteristics, quality, value and appearance of the floor on which is placed (eg events in historic buildings).
Freefloor tiles can still be easily removed and recovered to be used for other installations in other areas.
Freefloor ... great aesthetic solution for the highest flexibility and reversibility of a floor coating.
Free-Floor, advantages and benefits:
Free-Floor is an innovative and simple concept, which deliver a fast and easy way to introduce new and exciting hard floor finishes to both new and existing floors. It is best described as a "dry over-lay" system, which can be installed in a variety of applications.
The finished visual impact is indistinguishable from traditionally bonded hard surfaces, making it prefect for use as an over-lay for use on mraised access flooring systems.

• Tried and tested system within the car showroom industry
• High resistance to static and radial dynamic loadings
• Suitable for commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications
• Feels like a bonded in-situ floor under-foot, excellent acoustic properties
• Fast and clean installation process with the most basic of tools
• No odour, dust; minimum interruption within the building space
• Minimum installation skills required
• Installation guidelines supplied
• Floating floor - free from adhesives and grouts
• Ready for use immediately on completion of installation
• Infinite range of porcelain, marble or granite finishes to choose from
• Colour coded edge-banding to each tile provides the impression of a uniformed grout line
• Ideally suited as a temporary floor solution for use on exhibition stands / displays
Manufactured to exacting dimensions and tolerances
• Relocate or replace with ease
• Fully recyclable
Free-Florr backing material/construction:
The underside of the Free-floor module is constructed from ultra high density closed cell expanded polyethylene with mineral fibres, which provides a high level of performance with regard to product stability and acoustic performance.

The nature of this product ensures a positive almost vacuum fit to the existing floor surface providing a strong, stable and durable gravity laid connection between the Free-Floor and chosen sub-floor. When installed, the Free-Floor system feels like an in situ bonded tile when walked upon and remains firmly in place when subjected to dynamic or rolling loads, even with the absence of adhesives.

FLEXIBILITY: Whilst Free-Floor is best suited to installations on flat and smooth substrates, the tile backing can accommodate small variations and deviations within the existing subfloor surface thanks to its elasticity.
Once removed, the backing retains its original form/thickness.

ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE: The Free-Floor system provides a high level of acoustic protection to both impact and airborne sounds due to its extremely dense yet elastic construction, in which maximum sound absorption is guaranteed.

THERMAL INSULATION: The Free-Floor system provides a high level of thermal insulation due to its construction. The backing material acts as a thermal insulator between the existing cold surface and the surface of the Free-Floor..

LOAD BEARING: Free-Floor has the ability to support a high level of static loadings without deviation or failure.

IMPACT RESISTANT: Free-Floor absorbs the energy produced when subjected to imposed dynamic loads.

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