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Floorstanding luminaire


Chrome plated steel

Less is more. Much more. Our development staff have become obsessed with the idea of realising a light-emitting perpetuum mobile. The first fruit of their efforts was the completely reworked Office AIR LED family with performance data that admittedly deviate somewhat from the aforementioned aim but which are nevertheless pretty impressive. It is probably better if we don't tell our developers that they will have to totally disregard not only the basics of quantum mechanics but also Newton's energy conservation law in order to reach their aim.

When the range was launched back in 2009, it was our aim to design a new type of family of workplace luminaires without following in familiar footsteps. The first generation of the Office Air LED radically redefined what was understood by office workplace luminaire. The Office Air LED was the first model in the world to break with the principles which previously applied to floor-standing luminaires, thereby opening up new trendsetting application possibilities with its strict separation of task light (direct light) and ambient light (indirect light).

During the development phase, the architect Stefan Behnisch from Behnisch Architekten gave us important tips on design, functionality and lighting comfort. Simple, reduced formal idiom, the use of ultra-modern technology to increase efficiency and top-quality manufacturing are still the hallmarks of the luminaires in the constantly extended and optimized Office Air LED family.

Unchanged in its appearance, the lighting technology inside the Office Air LED has been given a complete workover: new LED packages and optimised control electronics make it the best performing and most efficient LED workplace luminaire in its segment.

The new Office Air LED Power produces at total luminous flux of up to 8,690 lm with just 88 watts, whereby the separate indirect light is sufficient to make additional basic lighting superfluous when the surroundings and lighting conditions allow.

Office Air LED luminaires are available in 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 4,000 K. workplace luminaire with switchable indirect light component, light distribution: 57 % upwards, 43 % downwards, diffusor made of acrylic glass for glare elimination and directing light downwards by means of precisely aligned conical indentations, depending on the version dimmable or with presence detector and ambient light sensor (PDLS), luminaire head and tube made of aluminium, anodised or chrome plated, baseplate made of painted steel (baseplate available in other colours on request), the luminous flux of the luminaire amounts to a total of approx. 5660 lumen.

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Further details
tecnologia:, 99 W, 230 V AC
flusso luminoso: 6050 lm
temperatura di colore: 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K
luce: 39 % distribuzione diretta, 61 % distribuzione indiretta
IP: 20
classe di efficienza energetica: A
865 × 270 × 1900 mm

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