Floorstanding luminaire with presence detector

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Floorstanding luminaire with presence detector




Strong it is, the light side. Other than in George Lucas’s (soon-to-be) 7-part “trilogy” about heavy-breathing men in face masks and freaks in pyjamas armed with rudimentary light-sabres, our Force One luminaire, as the protagonist of the light side, possesses some real superpowers – enabled by a wide array of sensors that any Jedi knight worthy of the name would have loved to have at his disposal. Not to mention the lumens per watt or DIN-compliance workplace lighting. Composed of head, backbone and base, our trilogy really consists of three parts and no more. May the force be with you.

Its name is as striking as its shape: FORCE ONE. When you see and use it for the first time, everything about it looks carefully conceived. Every detail has its own logic and its elegantly clear contours generate an impression of overall coherence. The crucial innovations of the Force One are perhaps not at all apparent at first glance, but become clear in daily use. Its head projects unusually far over the work surface and its base disappears almost entirely beneath the desk. In order to achieve this, the designer Rupert Kopp integrated the technical units into the base although they are usually located in the head of luminaires. This made it possible to create an extremely thin head only 20 millimetres thick. The result is uniform, large-surface illumination of the work area. Thanks to its thoroughly thought-out details and its slim silhouette, the Force One exudes an elegance that endows it with a powerful aesthetic presence, irrespective of the angle from which you look at it.

BY THE WAY: There are two versions of the Force One (one with 6,246 lumens and a “Power” version with 8,472 lumens) and it is available with three different surfaces: anodised aluminium, aluminium brilliant white and aluminium with a natural polished finish. Force One luminaires can be supplied in 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 4,000 K. workplace luminaire with switchable indirect light component, light distribution, depending on version: 61 % upwards, 39 % downwards or 72 % upwards, 28 % downwards, dimmable, presence detector and ambient light sensor can be activated separately, the luminaire is operated via two capacitive control units, diffusor made of acrylic glass for glare elimination and directing the light downwards by means of aligned conical indentations, luminaire head and tube made of aluminium, natural polished fi nish, anodised or powder coated white, base element made of powder coated cast steel with plastic covering, the cranked design of base provides compatibility with most of the common table frames, the luminous flux amounts depending on version to a total of 6246 lumens or 8472 lumens.

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Further details
tecnologia:, 58 W, 230 V AC
flusso luminoso: 6246 lm (FORCE ONE) / 8472 lm (FORCE ONE POWER)
temperatura di colore: 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K
luce: 39% distribuzione diretta, 61% distribuzione indiretta
IP: 20
classe di efficienza energetica: A++
945 x 225 x 1920 mm
Dimensions FORCE ONE
Dimensions FORCE ONE

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