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Powder coated steel Bicycle rack

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Nola Industrier

Stockholm, Sweden
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Powder coated steel Bicycle rack


Powder Coated Steel

Just as cycling is a green alternative to carbon monoxide-emitting vehicles, solar energy is a sustainable substitute for fossil fuels. This efficient bicycle stand brings the two together in an illuminating design powered by energy of the sun. Motion detectors integrated into the bicycle stand have a range of 80 meters, triggering embedding LED lighting to illuminate the path to it.  When light levels are low, a long-life battery provides an additional energy source to boost the power generated by the solar cells. The bicycle stand can also be used as sensor-activated light source that lights the way for pedestrians, dog-walkers, apartment block residents and shoppers. Several bicycle stands can be linked to illuminate as a group when an individual sensor detects a human approaching. The bicycle stand is an excellent choice for remote locations such as country bus stops, or any area where energy-saving is required. Material: Laser-cut pipe steel powder-coated in standard colours grey Gris 900 Sable or green RAL 6018. Measurements: Diameter of post: 11.5 cm. Height above ground: 101 cm. Overall height: 150 cm.

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