Nola Industrier SWING

Steel ashtray

  • Design by Jerry Hellström
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Nola Industrier

Stockholm, Sweden
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Steel ashtray



Swing is a simple, efficient ashtray free of any ornamentation or decorative details. The design was inspired by basic geometric shapes cut out in stainless steel. A circular base plate mounts laterally to a wall or post, supporting a pivoting square shaped receptacle where ash and cigarettes can be discarded. The ashtray rotates 190 degrees to empty the contents, eliminating the need for trays or removable grates. Swing’s efficient design fits easily into areas where space is limited. Applications: bus-stands, entrances, outdoor cafées, shopping malls. Variations: The single version can be wall-mounted. The double version can be mounted to abollard or post. Both versions are available with or without a cover and are available in untreated stainless steel or steel powdercoated in grey or black. Measurements: Ashtray no roof: Container 15×15x15cm. Wall plate Ø: 20 cm. Weight: 3,3 kg. Ashtray with roof: Container 15×15x15cm. Wall plate Ø: 20 cm. Roof length: 22cm, width 18cm. Weight: 4,4 kg. Double ashtray with roof on a pole M/N: height: 120 cm. Length: 44 cm. Width: 18 cm. Weight: 16kg. Material: Container: made in stainless steel with a depth of 3 mm or zinc-plated and powdercoated steel with a depth of 4 mm or zinc-plated and powdercoated steel with adepth of 4 mm. Post: made in stainless steel or zink-plated and powdercoated steel measuring 60mm x 30 mm x 2 mm.

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