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Integrated timber structural system

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Malosco, Italy
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Integrated timber structural system

The system of prefabricated panels perfectly marries the natural material wood with modern manufacturing techniques. The supporting structure of the building is made using thick multilayer panels (100 mm and over); these components, produced in technologically advanced establishments, feature excellent static performance and transmit a pleasant sensation of structural solidity, even to the client used to brick constructions. The panels used are certified by PEFC, to protect both the client and the environment, and manipulated at the modern production site (Malosco and Roverè della Luna) using established technology and CAD/CAM software. 

N.B. All multilayered panels used by Nordhaus are certified through protocols that guarantee the quality of the material and its origin, the processing cycle and the chain of custody (EC - ETA 06/009 - Pefc etc..)

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