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Glass office partition



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COLOR  DUO  partition system is made of seamsless single or double glass panels, framed in an aluminum and steel structure, self-bearing,  with independent construction components, fitted with polycarbonate  sealing joints. These walls secure an excellent acoustic performance  and ensure a good  clear-cut aesthetics, due to the vertical and horizontal  profiles on the perimeter connections.
Thanks to the flush glass surface, the wall can take any kind of manifestation and decoration layers, uninterrupted.
In particular, with the 3M Blaze dicroic film, with  reflecting surface, the wall takes a multicolor effect due to the faceted segments of the curved wall.
COLOR DUO system,  in its  double glass  option, allow the fitting of glass sliding doors, single of double leaf,  that run in the cavity of the partition within the glasses.

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Further details
DUO Partition system, 100 mm. thick, is composed of two layers of 10 mm. glass panels, either made of structural laminated glass or toughened glass, float or low iron, supplied accordingly to the project specifications.

The supporting main frame, glass holder, is made of pre-treated first grade aluminium, with the horizontal member sitting on floor channel made of pre-coated steel 10/10 and supported by adjustable glides that secure the proper levelling on floor by telescopic action. Glass panels are fitted in place, both sides, and are secured to the main frame with fixing plates. Perimetrical capping plates are clipped finally to the frame to cover the fixing details.

DUO system doesn't provide upper adjustment or side panels adjustement. Each element is made to measure according to the needs of the construction site. The vertical joints connecting the modules and those on the corners, all in rigid transparent extruded polycarbonate, are fitted with a double strip of double-sided adhesive tape, to enable secure fixture to the panel elements. This joining system significantly improves structure stability and resistance to horizontal stress.

The door frames are made of pre-treated extruded aluminium, shaped to mount the panel elements, and are fitted with proprietary pivot hinges, handles and locks to specification. The door leaves, solid, single or double glazed, are fitted flush with the external surface of the wall. The perimetral coextruded gasket, provides the necessary acoustic requirement. Door frames can be fitted with a variety of accessories, door closers, drop seals, mag locks, electric strikes, card readers, etc.
Wall thickness 100 mm.
Maximum height 3000 mm. for full height glass panel - 4000 mm. with joined glass and cross member
Width of modules 300 to 1500 mm.
Average weight 53 Kos. Per sq. meter
Floor shadow line 10 - 40 mm.
Ceiling shadow line 10 - 40 mm.
Wall starting recess 15 mm.
Polycarbonate joiners 4 mm.

Glass thickness ( toughened ) 10 mm.
Laminated glass thickness
Acoustic laminated glass thickness 10.38 mm. 10.76 mm.
Toughened glass for door 12 mm double glass 6 mm.
Solid and double door leaf 45 mm

Acoustic performance (noise reduction) 41 dB with double glass 10 mm.  - 46 dB with acoustic double glass 10.76 mm.
Acoustic performance for pivot door 37 dB for double glass 6 mm.
Floor/ceiling adjustment +/- 15 mm.
Side/wall adjustment +/- 15 mm.

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