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Normann CopenhagenSWING

Glass vase

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Normann Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Glass vase

Created by glassblowers, each Swing vase is unique. The fun design is a timeless work of art that honors the tradition of this ancient craft by allowing each one to be slightly different. Britt Bonnesen explains: My father worked all his life in a glass workshop, and I grew up among the glass-blowers. The shape of the vase arose in a dialogue with local glass-blowers, through which the vase was allowed to determine its own form. The vase was so to speak allowed to "settle down", and the Swing Vase was born. Each Swing Vase is unique; the shape varies from vase to vase, as all of them are mouth-blown. It's a little sculpture that looks fine alone, but really comes into its own in the company of other Swing Vases. Material: glass. Colours: red, white, black, green, purple. Size: 20 cm / 30 cm  / 40 cm

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