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Steel serving bowl

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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KRENIT | Serving bowl


Steel serving bowl




More than 50 years after Herbert Krenchel, the materials researcher and civil engineer, designed the Krenit-bowl, the original minimalist design has been re-launched by Normann Copenhagen. The Krenit-bowl is a perfect example of good Danish design and through the years it has become a design icon. With a simple and pure expression, the Krenit range is a contemporary classic which enables a perfect interplay between function and aestheticism. Its characteristic sharp edge creates a balance between material and form, giving the bowl its modern expression. Even its shape has set the trend for later designs of bowls, and the shape of the bowl is just as perfectly suited to the modern home anno 2009 as then. Herbert Krenchel says: “In 1953 the idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room. As a material researcher I really concentrated on getting the different materials to match and look good together as well as making them equally compatible to use together. Enamel is a fantastic material, and even today my heart yearns for an enamel bowl. It is fantastic that the Krenit bowl is coming into production once more”. With its re-launch, enthusiasts can supplement their current collection and new Krenit lovers can start their own collection. In the first instance Krenit is going to be re-launched in two sizes. One of these, named “badekarret” (English translation: “the bathtub”) by Herbert Krenchel due to its size, has not been in production previously. Both bowls may be obtained in three colours: the well-known white ones along with completely new colours; dark green and dark blue selected between Herbert Krenchel and Normann Copenhagen. Material: Steel Sizes: Krenit bowl ø8,4cm / Krenit bowl ø12,5cm / Krenit bowl ø16cm / Krenit dish ø16cm / Krenit bowl ø25cm / Krenit bowl ø38cm ( “the bathtub”) Colours: white, black, turquoise, purple, green, red More info: Unique collaboration across the generations. Production of the Krenit bowl ceased in 1966, and not until the meeting with Normann Copenhagen was the production of the classic bowl resumed. The re-launch of the original Krenit bowl is the story of a unique collaboration between the design firm, Normann Copenhagen, and Herbert Krenchel which gives fresh life to the golden age of a well-known design icon. CEO Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen, Normann Copenhagen, say: “It is with deep respect for Herbert Krenchel’s original design that Normann Copenhagen is re-launching the iconic Krenit bowl. We love the Danish minimalist design from the 1950s, and when Herbert Krenchel contacted us to get Normann Copenhagen to resume production, we did not doubt for a second. The Krenit range has a plain and simple expression which goes perfectly with Normann Copenhagen.” A story continues. The story of Herbert Krenchel and the enamel Krenit bowl is a true story. After a lengthy process of finding the correct production method, the Krenit bowl was launched in 1953. It quickly became popular and a clear example of Danish quality design. In 1954 the Krenit bowl won a golden medal at La Trienale in Milan. Since then it has been displayed at several museums all over the world and can be found in countless Danish and international design homes. In the post war years there was increased interest in this beautiful high-quality design. The bowl continued to be popular and it was manufactured in 8 colours and 9 sizes. But in 1966 something happened that changed things. Enamel was no longer the preferred material, and factory departments that manufactured enamel products were closed down. Herbert Krenchel could not find another manufacturer who could supply such a bowl of the required high quality and as a consequence of this he ceased production of the Krenit bowls. Until today, it has only been possible to get hold of the originally manufactured Krenit bowls at auctions and jumble sales at high prices. With Normann Copenhagen’s re-launching of Krenit salad cutlery and Krenit bowls in steel and melamine, the story continues and Krenit is once more accessible for lovers of design throughout the world.

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Krenit Collection by Normann Copenhagen
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