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Normann CopenhagenFRUITY

Wooden fruit bowl

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Normann Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Wooden fruit bowl

The inspiration behind this fruit bowl is the pure and clear expression that is created when a raindrop hits water and forms rings. Charlotte Arvidsson has designed Fruity, making it simple, fun and functional in its form. The airy design of the bowl creates the simplistic expression, while at the same time ensuring the maximum lifetime of the fruit it contains; in harmony creating a new and functional design approach to a classic object. Fruity can be flat, suspended or free-standing. Fruity comes flat packed, and assembly is quick and easy, as is disassembly for storage. Charlotte Arvidsson is in the process of taking her Masters studies in Sweden, after completing a bachelor degree in England. As part of her studies, Charlotte participated in the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2010, and this is where Normann Copenhagen discovered her talent for design. Normann Copenhagen is proud to be able to present Fruity and the young designer. Charlotte Arvidsson tells us: "For me, design is all about simplicity. I have always loved the problem-solving phase, the phase where I find a smart and aesthetic solution for one of my products. When I was designing Fruity, I wanted a structure that only consisted of the most necessary elements, so that the fruit bowl would be as simplistic as possible, while retaining its functionality and aesthetic expression in relation to the fruit. Material: Plywood

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