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Open suspended wall cabinet



The Edit handrinse cabinets are designed to create storage space in a playful way, whether in a toilet, cloakroom or bathroom. The cabinets are available in several sizes, all made ​​to measure to complement the handrinse series Base, Blend, Form and Kuub.

To perfectly match the slim aesthetics of the ‘Light’ handrinse series, the corresponding Edit cabinets are only 14 cm deep and 14 cm high. Though subtle in size but still big enough for a roll of toilet tissue. Edit handrinse cabinets are available in Himacs in a range of different colours.

The Edit letterbox cabinet is a redesign of the Dutch letterbox, commonly used in the old days to show off one’s carefully accumulated collection on the wall. The NOW-version is a shadow framework of the original design. Punctuated by strong horizontal lines, all vertical shelves have been omitted and in some places, even the horizontal lines are interrupted. The playfulness is underlined by practicality whereby many sizes of different products can be accommodated.

Edit letterbox is available in 3 standard versions and can be produced to custom wishes and dimensions. Available in white and Hi-Macs of different colours, it is also possible to have it produced in a combination of colours within the same product.

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