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Displacement transducer wireless

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iNova Transducers


Displacement transducer wireless

The strain gauges "iNova Transducers" find their main application in the field of structural surveys such as monitoring holes or acquisition data during site tests, load tests on floors or on foundation poles, testing bearing capacity on land or tests on masonry with flat jacks.
The configuration with GPRS allows you to make long-term monitoring with the ability to view data and manage the network remotely.
In this case the data are sent from the Gateway to the server that can be accessed by logging on from the comfort of your office with the included software or by web platform.

Further details
The strain gauges "iNova Transducers" can be used to capture data during the following site tests:
STRUCTURAL MONITORING of crack patterns For long-term structural monitoring is recommended that you use the configuration with iCloud Gateway GPRS / LAN and iNova Smart platform for network management and data from a remote station. The network will handle up to 65,536 sensors simultaneously.
LOAD TESTS ON FLOORS In this case the transducers are positioned at the end of the stand through the bracket. Once is established the software connection , the system automatically recognizes all types of iNova sensors in the range (50 / 60m indoors or 200m in the open). The acquisition Data are processed by special button on command. All without the clutter of wires.
LOAD TESTS ON POLES FOUNDATION As for load tests on floors, even in this situation it is advisable to test the connection of the Gateway in USB mode. The sensors are positioned in correspondence with the pole, while the operator can acquire in real time and graphically display the lowering directly from PC or Mac.
TESTS ON PLATE The sensors are placed on the plate and, through the Gateway USB connected to a PC, you will see the lowering on real-time graphic. When the test is finish you will be able to export data for the report processing test.
TESTS WITH FLAT JACKS The transducers are set to the wall with appropriate supports. The data collected at each step of load are displayed on graphic and saved for processing on Excel spreadsheet. All iNova Network sensors system have thermometer and hygrometer to allow to distinguish changes due to climate change.
The displacement transducers available are mainly of two types:
• With contact spring
• With eyelets
Stroke: 10/25/50/100 mm

• Power supply: Lithium Primary batteries - 3 x AAA 1.5V
• Power consumption:
- receiving commands setup: 5 uA sleep
- receiving data: 35 mA
- data transmission: 180 mA
• average lifetime: 2 years (monitoring frequency and transmission frequency 10 min)
• Acquisition: For data acquisition and control polling
• Level of protection: IP 66
• Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 60.5 mm
• Stroke: 10/25/50/100 mm
• Resolution: 0.0000015 / 0.000003 / 0.000006 mm
• Tolerance: ± 0.2% / ± 0.15% / ± 0.075%
• Temperature:
- Range: -40 ° to + 125 ° C
- Tolerance: ± 0.3 ° C
- Resolution: 0.01 ° C
• Humidity:
- Range: 0-100% RH
- Tolerance: ± 2.0% RH
- Humidity resolution: 0.04% RH
• Network:
- Radio: 868 MHz ISM band, GFSK modulation, bit rate 115 kbps, out 13 dBm TX, RX sensitivity -110 dBm.
- encryption: 128-bit AES
- Connection range: 350 m LOS
• Device Setup: System RX magnetic passive NFC connection range 20 cm

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