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Gateway USB

The coordinator / Gateway is the apical element of the data network that has the task of coordinating the logic of the communication from and to the peripheral elements (Router and sensors) and to put in connection the network itself with a backbone through which the data communication is integrated into the IP network.
The coordinator ensures that all network devices are up and running in the event of communication errors, manages alarms and communicate them to the central software.
Built-in memory allows you to manage and save a lot of information in the local performance of data recovery in the event of a blackout external connection.
The theoretical number of routers that can be connected to a subnet managed by a single coordinator-Gateway is 65536. Nevertheless, it is preferable to dissect the global network into subnets with a maximum of ca 30-40 Router for reasons of reliability and maintainability.
The interconnection with the IP network can be made ​​as needed with gateways of different nature. The standard solutions are: USB (PC), WiFi, Ethernet, GPRS / UMTS.

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Further details
• Info: Check that all devices in the network iNova be up and running in the event of communication errors, manages Allami and communicates them to the central software.
• Housing: Made of self-extinguishing IP56 for outdoor installation without special protection. Dimensions 105x80x30 mm.
• How to install: The installation involves checking the connection with the server and terminal testing.
• Power supply: External power supply 5 V DC. It can be powered with solar panel.
• Connection with sensors: Wireless radio system sensors. RTX frequency 868.3 MHz, FSK modulation, bit rate 115 kbps, 10 dbm TX power, RX sensitivity -105 dbm. Micropower wakeup system owner. Connection range 200 m in open places, 50/60 m indoors.
• Gateway available: Serial, LAN, USB, Wifi, GPRS/UMTS, Bluetooth.
• Temperature: -25 ° C +85 ° C, Storage: -40 ° C +125 ° C to the web server.
While with the same Coordinator structure and functionalities, Novatest provides a number of different Gateway options to connect iNova Network through different communication interfaces.
• USB: the USB Gateway enables communication with the coordinator by means of the USB port of a PC.
• GPRS/UMTS: the GPRS/UMTS Gateway transfers the data gathered by the coordinator via GPRS or UMTS (where available) directly to the web server.

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