Hydraulic thrust system

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Falconara Marittima, Italy
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Hydraulic thrust system

The Oleodynamic pressure system is used to perform static load tests with concentrated loads on floors.
The load test procedure uses hydraulic jacks positioned in strategic points to induce internal forces equivalent to those resulting from the distributed loads.
This method offers many advantages in terms of safety as it allows a better control of the applied load. Compared to traditional methods, the Oleodynamic thrust system appears to be more rapid, economical and safe.

The system with concentrated loads is also used in cases where the use of the distributed loads is mainly applicable for logistical reasons.

The system consists of a series of extension cords of various lengths and two supporting cross members (lower and upper), a hydraulic jack (simple or double effect) and by a hydraulic pressure boosting unit (manual or automatic).
The system is realized with selected materials in order to provide high mechanical properties combined with lightness and manageability.

The hydraulic pump is supplied in various configurations depending on the number of cylinders to manage.

Checks and tests on beams and slabs of any kind, covers, truss metal structures, wooden trusses, roads, railways, viaducts, prefabricated panels.

Further info from manufacturer on KIT PROVE DI CARICO SU SOLAI
Further details
The load testing procedure utilizes hydraulic jacks placed at strategic locations to induce the internal forces equivalent to those resulting from distributed loads. This method allows for better control of the applied load and maintains a strict control on safety as the loads can be removed very quickly. In comparison with typical load testing methods, the proposed method is faster, more economical, safer, and more conclusive.
The hydraulic system is also used in cases where the use of distributed loads is not applicable for space and logistical reasons.
The system consists of a series of extensions of various lengths and two support crossbars and double acting hydraulic cylinder with a push capacity of 10TON and a hydraulic hand or automatic pump.
The system is designed with materials selected to provide high strength combined with lightness and handiness.
The hydraulic hand pump is provided in two different configurations and it can handle up to 8 jacks for testing with a greater number of auctions of contrast.
Inspections and testing of all kinds of beams and floors, roofing, metal reticular structures, wooden roof truss, roads, railways, viaducts precast panels.
Kit for testing the load on floors include:
- No.2 or more sets of push
- No.1 Hydraulic pump
- No.1 double-acting hydraulic cylinder aluminum capacity 10ton, stroke 250mm, complete with eye for traction load test, capacity 5ton
- No.2 aluminum extensions of all sizes, complete with handle lengths:
- 1 meter
- 0.5 meters
- 0.25 meters
- 0.125 meters
- No.1 crossbar or less prepared to accept the cylinder directly or adapter for the load cell - reinforced version
- No.1 Upper crosspiece prepared to accept the extension - reinforced version
- No. 1 two-stage pump lever, max working pressure of 700bar, good 3. 4-liter tank
- No.1 Nipple L=200 (for connecting the pump to manifold)
- No.1 scale of digital pressure gauge 0-700 bar, bottom 1/2 "gas
- No.2 flexible hose twin, max working pressure 700 bar
- No.2 Radial Manifold 3-way (1 input / 2 outputs)
- Quick couplers
(the kit is configured according to specific customer requirements)
- MIGS-6200 / OD 5,5mm / Cable VGA high resolution length 200cm
- Features: with a 3,5" LCD TFT, resolution 640x480, illuminant intensity adjustable
- Work as a Micro Digital Camera that support up to 14,630 photos ability
- Build in SD memory card from 512MB to 2GB (optional)
- Support AV output
- Support Video recording up to 2-3 hours
- Support USB 1.1/2.0 interface, enlarge image through PC monitor
- Support rechargeable Li battery up to 4 hours work along
- Working Temperature -20 -60°C
- CMOS Image sensor
- Resolution (dynamic/Stativ): 320x240 / 640x480
- Automatic Exposure
- Light source with 4 white LED
- Power DC5V
- Video Format NTSC & PAL
- Compression Format MPG4
- Image Storage Format: JPEG (640x480)
- Video Recording Format: ASF (320x240)
- Language: English + Option
- Power DC5V
- Certificate: CE/ROHS
The load test kit, in its standard (2 point of load) configuration consists:
- No.2 double-acting hydraulic cylinder
- No.4 extensions for each measure (1m, 0.5 m, 0.25 m, 0.125 m)
- No.2 upper crosshead
- No.2 lower crosshead
- No.1 two-stage pump 700bar
- No.1 digital gauge 0-700bar
- Flexible couplings and adapters
- load cell for analysis, reading and recording direct values
- pressurization units with automatic exchange
- One-way flow control valve to fine tuning

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