Instrumentation for geognostic investigation

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Instrumentation for geognostic investigation

COBRA - GPR Locator - radar detection system complete with dual antenna multi-PC and cart .- fully integrated system. Multifrequency Operation: 100-900 MHz - Multiple applications mating ground / air. 0-10 m depth indicator - Range of depth and options Real time channel 2. - Better quality and penetration of information in the test head-to-head comparisons with other systems. 
APPLICATIONS Cobra Locator GPRRilevamento infrastructure and public services utilità.Una main applications of GPR is the mapping and detection of sottoservizi.E 'became a regular tool used for the detection of pipes and cables. The GPR method has an advantage over traditional tracking devices, you can detect non-metallic objects such as plastic, cement, pottery, pipes or any other composite material.The available antennas can also be used to detect obstacles, shallow rock , piping, old foundations, and to direct drilling operations .* Control of internal structure .* Identify the gaps in roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams and buildings .* Locate plastic pipes, concrete, clay or metal. * Mapping of the concrete prior to drilling, cutting or coring .* Detects obstacles in the face of directional drilling operations.

Further details
The depth of penetration depends on the frequency of the antenna used, the soil conditions and the characteristics of the material under investigation.
The COBRA PENTA Wireless GPR allows you to perform surveys to a maximum depth of 10 meters (according to the characteristics of the soil).
The COBRA PENTA Wireless GPR is especially suitable for smooth surfaces and uneven grounds on average; this GPR is also perfect for the investigation of high-speed roads and railways by mode "Aircoupled".
The provided accessories allow you to mount the antenna on cars and other means of operations ground/air.
• Wireless operation
• GPR Tone: 300-700 MHz
• System GPR complete
• Post Processing Software: included
• GPS Module: Built
• DAQ / Ultra Rugged Tablet PC Control unit GETAC F-110
• Wheels Quick release
• Smart Cart with two possible uses (push or drag acquisition)
• Built-in encoder resolution
• Range of depth: 0-2000ns
• Compact and flexible: only 13 Kg

ANTENNA/GPR 2 channel ground penetrating radar system with shielded antennas
• type: CBD* Penta Frequency Antenna (*patent pending)
• Nominal frequencies: 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 MHz
• Operating bandwidth: 50 - 1050 MHz
• Applied voltage: 200 V
• Sample rate: 100.000 samples/second
• Scan rate: 1-100 scans/s per channel @ 512 samples/scan
• Sample output: 16 bit digital raw data
CONTROL UNIT/CU Selectable PC/PDA, MIL-STD-81F/G, water and dust resistant, IP-65 or IP-67 with bundled data acquisition; DAQ-software for control, display, processiong and storage of GPR-data
• Data format: Standard geophysical SEGY data format (.sgy)
• Data channels: 1 or 2 with individual settings for depth, filter and gain
• Vertical filters: Off, digital
• Horizontal filters: Stacking, background removal
• Gain points: 1-10 linear gain
• Gain levels: 0 to +60 dB
• Data storage: Raw data storage with memory for Gain used
• Data file size: Limited only by available HDD-space
SURVEY CART Push and pull non metallic handle and support, tactical RAM-mount, crade for recommended and purchased rugged PDA/PC; 12" quick release non-inflatable wheels; high resolution SW-encoder
• Temperature: -20°C to 40°C internal temperature
• Humidity: 96% non-condensing
• Ingress protection: IP68 connectors
• Size (L x W x H): 60 x 52 x 29 cm
• Weight: 13 kg
• Operating platforms: Airbone operation, high speed air-coupled operation, ground-coupled operation
• Battery: integrated 73 Wh Li-Ion
• Operating time: 8 hours
• Operating mode: Manual (1-100 scans/s), distance (SW-encoder) with o without GPS
• GPS positions: GPS positions integrated with GPR-data for every scan in both time and distance mode
• Operating depth: o-2000 ns selectable. Typical 0-500 ns. Depth range 0-10 m depending on ground properties
The standard configuration includes the following accessories:
• Integrated 2 channel PRG, with simultaneous display of both shallow and deep targets, WIFI operation;
• NEW Cobra 300/700 CBD DF Antenna/Electronics;
• Integrated 73 Wh Li-Ion battery with 8h operation;
• Data acquisition Software DAQ, (COBRA DAQ);
• Post Processiong Prism 2 with 3D export module;
• DAQ/Ultra Rugged Tablet PC control Unit.Getac F-110;
• USB with DAQ/post processing software/manual;
• External SW-encoder/connector, (10 mm resolution);
• Cart with quick release wheels/cart Push/Pull handle;
• Rugged Terrain kit: Tow Sled for use in any terrain with protecting/exchangeable wearing skid Pad;
• External Power/charger, ethernet RJ/45 connectors;
• External Mascot 2241 Battery Charger;
• Operating Manual on Cobra USB-disk;
Optional accessories:
• Car kit
• GPS EOS Arrow Lite/100/200
• Software Reflex GPR 3D
• Weels 10” or 16”

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